• Autoplay or autorun is a feature that allows for devices to run a set of commands when inserted in a computer. From a securiy perspective, inserting CD/DVDs or plugging USB Flash Memory into a computer poses a significant risk. Malware and viruses can be propagated through autoplay/autorun.

    This guide will help to disable the Autoplay policy by editing the Local Computer Policy. These setting can also be distributed through a GPO (Group Policy Object) in a Windows Domain.

  • Microsoft Windows enables a lot of features by default. Occasionally, there are certain features that, for security reasons, you may want to have disabled, such as the use of USB Flash Storage devices.  If you want to do this on your personal computer to keep it safe from users trying to remove data from your computer or network, this is how.

    This guide will help in changing your registry files to completely disable any and all USB Mass Storage devices on your computer. You can distribute this Registry key using GPO to disable it throughout a network.